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The Jewels of Happiness: Inspiration and Wisdom to Guide your Life-Journey

by Sri Chinmoy

This beautiful book is full of practical, succinct and insightful writings. Sri Chinmoy led the Peace Meditations at the United Nations for 37 years until his passing in 2007.  The book provides daily inspirations for Peace, Love, Joy, Hope, Patience, Gratitude and many other lovely states of being.  Sri Chinmoy does not advocate any particular religion, he supports all – he advocates meditation and the pursuit of bettering oneself.

Some words from The Jewels of Happiness….

Hope feeds the future in us. Remembrance feeds the past in us.  Cheerfulness feeds the present in us.

Perfect happiness is enthusiasm minus expectation.

A heart of sincerity is bound to carry innumerable joy-waves.

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There Are 7 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Alan Barton says:

    Hi green girl,

    My wife has lived with CFS for over 15 years.

    There have been many lessons and treatments along the way, and the way also still lies ahead.

    Some things that you may be interested in:

    We were told by a very helpful GP that CFS was best thought of as “imagine you are a boat and you have many anchors set. Each time you discover part of the CFS jigsaw (allergies, intolerances, treatments that work, etc) you pull out an anchor, but until you find that last one, your health will not rush to wellness”. It is sobering, but if you accept that it is a long haul then it gives you a strong aspiration.

    Having a partner that is tolerant, understanding, sometimes dishes out the ‘tough love’ and willing to stick through it is pretty important (wish my wife had one!!!).

    Talk to people about it, we had a chat with someone just off the cuff and discovered that they had found that their CFS ‘like’ situation was dominated by an historical infection known as Rickettsia, a tropical pathogen prevalent in every (different strains) tropical country on the globe. The treatment involves massive doses of multiple antibiotics over at least a year. Which just so happened to be the treatment my wife received a decade ago and led to a major improvement in her health. We were in the tropics at the time.

    Mercury in teeth fillings was also identifed as a potential anchor. But the investment was worth it with another anchor gone!!

    Anyway the journey is not over for us but it is in the right direction at least.



    • Green Girl Mel says:

      Hi Alan, I really like that approach. I think there are definitely a series of things that hold me back – like the anchors – such as digestive health, emotional health, anxiety. When I’ve got all areas running well I hum like a well tuned engine – well maybe a well governed go kart – possibly more like a peddle powered go kart… But hey perhaps the analogy with the boat is a little more in tune with nature!:) When I’ve got it all managed I’m smooth sailing. You sound like a really supportive partner, the fact that you understand so much about it and are around to weather the storm is fantastic – I’m sure your partner is very thankful. Interesting what you say about the antibiotics. I’ve heard that antibiotics can be part of the factors that cause breakdowns in the immune system in the beginning to enable viruses to take hold. I’m tossing up about getting my mercury fillings taken out. Can’t afford to go to a specialist and a bit worried the local dentist may not take the right precautions and might be better left as they are. Will look a bit further into that before making a decision.
      Glad to hear that things are moving along in a positive fashion for you guys. Thanks heaps for sharing yours and your partners experience.

  2. lindsey/Lynn says:

    Hello, I stumbled across your site. (no accidents) I just had a glance and was very impressed by what you are doing. Bless your Heart! I have suffered with this challenge for 16yrs now. my direction over the past 5 months has been research, and i hope helping others help myself. I am now homebound, and choose to take the direction of Dr. John Chia, in Torrance, Calif. Enterovirus. On the road. Very impressed!!!! Warmly, Lindsey

    • Green Girl Mel says:

      Thanks a lot Lindsey, appreciate the feedback. Sorry you’ve been fighting this for such a long time. Love to hear what you think helps bring about better days for you…

  3. Congratulations Mary Blowers of Healthspring Wellness Consulting FB Page! You are the lucky winner of this fabulous book. Enjoy and thanks for commenting on my wall.

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