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Well, it has been ages since I posted and to be honest I thought that since I was over the real physical struggle I probably wouldn’t blog anymore.  But I’ve continued to get emails and comments from many of you out there still struggling or having newly acquired the dreaded CFS/ME and it reminds me where I’ve come from and that I am still really on the recovery journey.

I am still finding it difficult to have good habits around self-management.  I fluctuates between being really good with my exercise and having it all together with good fruit and vegies, to getting lazy, skipping meals, or appealing to my emotions and eating chocolate!

Keeping the balance has always been a challenge for me and I guess that is a reason for getting CFS/ME, and also one of the lessons that CFS/ME has to offer me.

So well, what the heck, I was prompted today by a good friend that I should keep blogging seeing as there are so many of you out there who appreciate my blog.

Previously I’ve put a lot of effort into each blog and it takes up to a day from start to finish, with a well thought out plan, lots of links and photos to put loads of value into each post.  I’m going to simplify things a bit now as I’m also starting a business and time is a lot more limited.  So I plan to just do simple blog posts from now on.

Feel free to request topics for me to ramble about!

Today though I just wanted to mention that I was struggling a bit this morning with feelings of inadequacy around starting my new business.  I then found out in the mist of my misery that a friend was hit by a car only two days ago and he nearly died.  Luckily today he is being moved out of intensive care, and although he will have a long road with recovery, he is going to live and walk! Phew!

This has shifted my perspective once again.  I find it so easy to fall into the trap of believing that small things are massive and find it difficult to hold strong to my true values.  I return to bringing gratitude into my life and knowing deep down that I am really being looked after by something much larger than myself and the best I can do is to breath deeply, be grateful, hopeful, notice the positive things, look after my mind, body and spirit and enjoy each moment as it presents itself.

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  1. Mairi Stones says:

    Hi GGFF, nice to hear from you again. I identify with it all, and also find solace in gratitude, it’a the thing which saves me from myself soooo often. X
    Mairi Stones recently posted..Simple PleasuresMy Profile

  2. Sash says:

    Hello Mel,

    I’d love to hear about how you are managing work and your health. Any advice on the early days of returning to work too?

    I’ve started working from home for a few hours a week and finding the balance hard, concentrating difficult sometimes and I’m learning how to negotiate with work and doctors about what I think is best for me.

    Or perhaps I should be writing a guest post for you and asking for comments 😉

    • Hi Sash,
      I need to sort out how to do guest posts. It is something I should be looking into. I haven’t been doing much on the Green Girl website as I’m busy fitting in all the other demands of normal (well normal to me) life again. I still work for myself from home and contract out to others. It works best for me as I can adapt to my bodies needs at the time. However, I am heaps better now. I find the most important thing for me is to manage anxiety and stress. As soon as they creep into my life I find my energy levels start to waver again. So I pretty much make sure I keep things cool, calm and collected; rest when I need to; boost with juices when energy is starting to flag and make sure I have regular protein. Oh and I’m still drinking the vitamin c water. I also think the ocean has theraputic properties so I try to get in as often as possible and especially when my energy is flagging and my hands and feet are starting to ache again – which they are at the moment after moving AGAIN!!! Blimey. Sometimes I think I’m my own worst enemy with the amount of stuff I put on my plate – another key for me is learning not to get busy!!! Still working on that:)
      Go easy on yourself at first Sash. Just do what you can but make your body your boss – let it tell you what you can and can’t do and just let the rest go. Find nice things that give you joy and do more of that. 🙂

  3. Jen Calder says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing your CFS story Mel. I’m going through the same thing a few years later, so I thought I’d share my current blog on CFS. http://slowtownsouvenirs.blogspot.com.au/. Its a variety of stories, pictures, lessons and insights from my time in ‘slowtown’.

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