Rebuilding your body using Juices to fight CFS/ME

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Using juices to build up my body is probably one of my most used tools for self-help these days.  Even though I’m operating at a much better level than this time last year, I am still very attuned to my energy lulls.  Possibly I am a little too focused on it – that is another topic!  But I do try to have 2-3 large glasses of vegetable juice each week to keep my body on top of things and to enable me to keep keeping on with this life that is well and truly motoring along now.

So I’m pretty boring I must say, I am pretty much a standard celery, carrots, beetroot and ginger gal.  Occasionally I’ll throw in some apple to sweeten it up a bit more – but really it shouldn’t need any sweetening.  Carrots and beetroots have plenty of sugar in them already.

My tip is to buy the veggies organic. I have totally found that organic veggies taste 500 times better than your standard sprayed, travelled, stored and sold varieties. Oh, and to help keep celery crisp put it in a contain with the ends of the celery sitting in some water – works a treat but don’t forget to change the water occasionally.

Back when I was in really bad shape I had heaps of juices – one a day at times.  Beware of the carrot coloured surprises in the toilet though!  You are what you eat they say.  LOL.  But seriously, if I start to slide backwards I am pretty focused on getting plenty of veggie juices into my system, along with other great meals with fresh vegetables and plenty of protein – oh and of course I kick up the nanna naps as well!

Stay vigilant, stay on-top!


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There Are 9 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Richard says:

    Great to hear of your good progress……hope you continue to recover well

  2. Sash says:

    Hello Mel,

    Did you ever do a CFS self-help course through your local CFS/ME society, or anything like that? My local society is offering one, however I think I’m doing ok on my own (well, the internet, library and I!) and am not sure about doing the course.

    After almost a year I am slowly improving and managing better but I love hearing stories about how much people are working, exercising and socialising as they improve. I’m sure we all would love to hear about how well you are going! Inspire us 🙂

    My friends have put me in touch with friends and family who have had CFS and I find it helpful to to have their empathy but most of all find it inspiring when they tell me “I remember that stage, but after that I could manage…” and hearing about what it was that took them to the next level of recovery. I also like celebrating my achievements with them. Getting a load of washing done in one day on my own! A whole hour of yoga!

    And if I’m not asking too much Mel, could we have a post on patience? That is what I’m struggling with now!

    • Hi Sash,
      I recall my naturopath steered me away from going to local groups. However I think I course could be quite beneficial cause I think tools can really help. My naturopath was afraid of me becoming too connected with ‘my chronic fatigue’. She thought that going to the groups might make me sink into some sort of acceptance of having it for the long haul rather than looking to the future of beating it. So I tended to avoid the group thing and concentrate on what was needed for me to keep moving forward. I’m sure it is quite dependent on the type of group and the outlook of the participants. If they are hopeful and try to boost each others positivity then it could be quite helpful.
      I will try to do some postings for you, but I’m sorry, things are pretty busy for me with my work now and I put a lot of emphasis on my down time to balance things out. But will put ‘patience’ as a topic on the request list.

      I have definitely found it great to have people to talk to who have recovered! Totally great for getting inspired and feeling like you are not alone.

      Thanks Sasha.

  3. Vickt says:

    Hi I have severe cfs and was wondering how many juices you did at your worst and did you still eat meals everyday or some off/on. Generally what worked. Thanks for posting and so glad to hear you are doing well keep it up! Lets beat this bugger x

    • In really varied. I was told I should be having one a day of the beetroot, celery, carrot, ginger type. I’d add kale into that mix these days. But hey, you just do what you can do and be kind to yourself for managing what you can. Going to the naturopath was one of the keys for me because she was able to work with me to get my digestion going and then build my energy system back up. I’d highly recommend a naturopath if you can find a good one. And I really feel the vitamin c megadose was also one of the keys to recovery for me. Good luck girl. Keep up the good work!

  4. Rosemary says:

    Great advice! I’m newly diagnosed with CFS but have been struggling for so long, I can barely recall ever feeling well.
    But, home juicing always makes me feel so much better – particularly green juices with lots of ginger!

    Rather than making them sporadically (and usually when I’m at my worst) I’m planning on making a regular regime of juicing as a part of making my body as healthy as I’m able.

    Wish me luck!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I am newly diagnosed also. My neurologist told me on 9/29/2017 that I had exercise intolerance (formerly Chronic Fatigue). I think she meant excursion intolerance; that seems to be the new name the US is trying to force on us ME/CFS patients. Then on Jan 3rd of this year (2018) my Rheumatologist reconfirmed. She said “oh yes, without a doubt”….BUT, we don’t treat it here. There is now known cause, treatment or cure. Great!!! That is the first time a doctor ever mentioned CFS and I’d been going to doctors trying to describe my malaise for almost 20 years. I am in very bad shape; very. The doctors in the US are a waste of time, so why do I keep going? I wouldn’t be able to go to a doctors appointment now anyway.
    My question to you is why juicing instead of green smoothies? I’ve lost so much weight, it seems like it would be better to eat the veggies in smoothie form.

    Today is my 1st day on the Vitamin C megadose regime, thanks to you. I started smoothies yesterday. My problem with that, or juicing is that there are very few veggies that I like.

    I’m sorry – I’m rambling. I wish you good health and lots of happiness.

    • Hi Kathleen, so sorry for the delay. How are you going with the vitamin c megadose? I focused on juices more than smoothies as I felt the vitamin intake was higher from juices. I liked carrot, celery, ginger, beetroot juices. When I make a smoothie it tends to be more like banana, blueberries, mangos etc, more fruit and although I love them. I don’t think they are quite as good as veggie juices for immune system. If you have some ideas on how to make veggie smoothies I’d love to hear some of your recipes 🙂

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