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Go in the draw to win your own copy of the Free Me Meditation Audio by answer the following question on my Facebook Wall or in comments below:

“Knowing what you know now, what might you have done differently in your life, before you became chronically ill?”

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There Are 25 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Graham says:

    I would have stopped running around like a chookless head, slowed down, and learned to relax. Quit trying to please everyone in the hope that they would like me. Take regular time-out to meditate and really chill out. Not be running on adrenaline all the time.

  2. It’s my husband who is ill but I know his answer would be ‘nothing’. He lived life to the full and his character is such that he would do the same again.

    I honestly believe CFS is as much an illness of character as anything. You never see an idle person with it.

    • Thanks Linda, I think you are definitely onto something here. Living life to the fullest has definitely been one of my drivers, but I’ve always known I need to master the art of balance. Now I feel I’ve secretly been enrolled in class of balance! How is your hubby going with it? How’s he going now?

  3. He is getting steadily worse. Although he has learned to manage it, there are times when he has to push himself and suffer the consequences afterwards. It takes him longer to recover each time.

  4. Barbara says:

    As a single parent of 2 young school aged children, my life was very busy, but as a stay at home parent I did have quiet times to myself. Our lives were happy before I and both my children of 6 and 7 years of age became ill suddenly on the same day 18 years ago. Under those circumstance, I suspect a virus or some kind of reaction to an anti-fungal paint I used in the bathroom just 3 days prior to the day that changed our lives. My eldest son has improved somewhat and is able to live independently and has about 40% of an average person’s energy level. My youngest son and I continue to get a bit worse every year. If I could change anything, I would have listened to my own innate feelings at the beginning of the illness instead of the misinformed physicians who insisted on us keeping up with a normal life. It was the wrong advice and I still have difficulty gauging what I can realistically accomplish at any one given time. In our situation I do believe it is either viral or some kind of trauma to the CNS due to toxic exposure.

    • Hi Barbara, my heart goes out to you and your children, that is a terrible thing to have happened. I’m sure you have tried everything you can. Yes it seems really irresponsible of our medical profession to be so naive when it comes to throwing around advice for illnesses that can’t be diagnosed with a tests. Quite honestly I find that I get far more down to earth advice from my naturopath – which I’m sure is no surprise to you. Being that you mention the possibility of it being virus, have you come across the use of Vitamin C in high doses to knock over viruses? I’m currently doing that myself and can’t say its a definite goer, but I did find that when I started the Vitamin C and some pretty high quality organic supplements many of my symptoms that appeared viral related, such as the dizziness, really backed off. I really hope that you manage to get a turnaround soon with your health and that things start to move forward again. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  5. Barbara says:

    Thank you for your advice, understanding and compassion. These are often in short supply, and I very much appreciate them.

  6. Judie says:

    My daughter was struggling during high school to get good grades and a scholarship to help with college expenses. She was busy all the time with school, volunteering and other activities. Learning to pace herself during her freshman year at college had been a challenge, especially since she’s got to do all her own chores now too. She sleeps with ear plugs as her dorm gets noisy. Brain fog and memory issues as well as joint pain are very bothersome. Does anyone have any suggestions for the joint pain? She would say that she probably wouldn’t have tried to “do it all, and do it perfectly” if she could do it over!

    • Yes, I can imagine that would be very challenging Judie. I really couldn’t find my good pace till I stopped work. I still get a bit of joint pain if I havn’t had enough sleep, but sounds like she is getting her sleep ok there with the help of the earplugs. Got to love the earplugs! I’m not sure of other advice re joint pain. I also take fish oil each day. I really only had slight pain most of the time and that has backed right off as well with the vitamin c and organic supplements. They may have had something to do with it, but again it hasn’t been a major problem for me. Check out some of the fibromyalgia sites. Does anyone have anything that has helped them get on-top of joint pain?

      • kez says:

        it took me years to discover pacing. i had years of denying that i should change my behaviour. i had just had one baby who breastfed througt to the birth of the second, then breastfed her, 4 years of pregnancy and breastfreeding continuously .And sleeping poorly. During this time i caught several viruses, 5 in 5 years. i had no time to be sick. i was utterly shatterred, with aches, pains, fatigue, sleeplessness, and of course brain fog! i could not see any possibility beside working my arse of playing with and raising my children. for goodness sake, i was an earth mother, i lived for conscious parenting in an organic setting. i did not plan on settling for less than super mum, if i had known how very sick i was to become and how that robbed me of my life i would have taken it more seriously. i would have got a nanny to do all the grunt work and played with my kids on my bed. i would have RESTED! Instead I just pushed and crashed, fell apart emotionally. then got a little elevation n energy so begin again the push, crash, collapse in a crying heap on my bed again. it took way to long to understand that resting before you get tired is not just an expression of laziness.

        • Oh Kez, thank you so much for your comment, it did bring tears to my eyes. I’m so sorry you had to go through that and I’m sure its not peaches now that you are taking the rest you need. This is a great message for other people out there who are in similar situations. I have found it hard to cope with the fact that I have to rest, keep resting and take it easy etc etc. Definitely one of the hard things is that you feel like people around you think you have given up, that you arn’t fighting to get well anymore. But they just don’t understand and it is truly a strength within that shows love to yourself when you pay attention to your own needs and provide them. I don’t think many around me truly understand but over time as I start to slowly improve I think they may be getting the jist that I’m doing the right thing. I hope your recovery can start to find its way now you’re taking some time out. It really helps me to keep reminding myself that many people do recover.

  7. monica says:

    If I knew then what I know now I would have changed my diet so that the toxins didn’t have a chance to build and cause the damage!!!!
    I would also have looked at being more self caring and less of a caretaker of other peoples needs.

  8. Congratulations Kez! You are the lucky winner of the Meditation Audios to help with CFS/ME! Can you email me and I will make sure you get the audios are emailed directly to you from the Queen’s Centre for Health.

    Thanks everyone for your stories!

  9. Well our Meditation Audio Winner – Kez – is actually a Buddhist Practitioner and Meditator and she has kindly suggested that I offer the prize to someone else as she has quite a lot of tools up here sleeve in this area……so…..drum roll please…..the next name drawn out of my sunhat is……Denise Gedlund! Congratulations Denise! Please send me your email and I’ll arrange for the Meditation Audios to be emailed to you.

  10. Carli Adams says:

    Nothing, i lived life to the full, i often hear that people with cfs/me burned the candle at both ends, but at least i lived! I do not feel like i live now, i just am, i am thankful i have my three children to give me the strength to keep me going. I am thankful for finding your site and look forward to reading more x

    • Thanks Carli, i can relate to you bar the children, but I have had my cat who is totally reliant on me being present regardless of where I’m at! Ha. But yes, I feel like I have certainly lived a pretty full life up to this point and even though my life is very different now, there is a different living that I’m experiencing… is about being me and really delving deep into this person that I am rather than flitting around filling myself up with excitement and pleasures of the senses. Mind you that still sounds good, but well I do believe that the good thing about CFS/ME is that it is a catalyst for living life at a deeper and more holistic level. Thanks for your comment Carli!

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