Recovery Tools and Programs

These are some of the tools, programs, courses and resources available to inspire hope and recovery from CFS/ME/FM…..

CFIDS & Fibromyalgia Self-Help  This is a really practical program at an affordable price for CFS/ME/FM sufferers to learn the basic tools for management and recovery.

The Optimum Health Clinic This is an amazing organization set up by Alex Howard who has recovered from CFS/ME.  The staff all seem to be people who have recovered and they have lots to offer people including nutritional assessments, psychological support, tips and stories, products and training.  Also check out their Secrets to Recovery site which has tonnes of information, and their Freedom From Me Blog site.

The Journey: Transformation and Healing Work  This is a technique that you can learn to aid your own emotional and physical healing process. I found this has been instrumental in my emotional healing process around CFS/ME and I continue to use it to aid both my emotional and physical healing process.

CFS Recovery Stories  A book containing 50 stories of CFS Recovery – a must for building hope for recovery. Available in ebook or hard copy formats.

The Natural Recovery Plan  Alison Adams has had first-hand experience with CFS/ME and has developed a recovery plan which can be accessed through her books, newsletter, club and mini-course.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Program The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Program (CFSRP) was founded in 2006 by Mary and Matthew Hoch. Matthew suffered with CFS/ME for six years before finding a program that he successfully responded to. He and his mother developed this recovery program, which uses physical reconditioning and emotional support to rehabilitate participants and relieve the symptoms of CFS/ME.
The program is located in Melbourne, Australia, and consists of a four-week live-in program with daily routine and support from a team of professionals.

The Advanced ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Recovery Program  Interactive DVDs which include information about the tools and techniques that Ashok Gupta used to recover from CFS/ME/FM. I havn’t tried this one as yet, so would love to hear what others think.

IBS, CFS Recovery Ebook

Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Guide to Self-Empowerment  Although this is now a little outdated, this ebook provided me with many insights to what CFS/ME is and some understanding on future recovery. Well worth a read if you like to delve into a bit more detail