Meditation, the one-stop-shop for CFS/ME relief

Unfortunately there is no magic cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), how I wish there was, but meditation does offer a one-stop-shop for the relief of a lot of CFS/ME symptoms.  It’s one of the ‘best bang-for-buck’ tactics for fighting CFS/ME that I know of, so it’s worth a shot!

Daily meditation helps to reduce anxiety, mind chatter and negative emotions, and improve positive emotions, self-esteem, sleep and digestion amongst many things.  The main things that meditation has helped me with is anxiety and emotional turmoil.  Without it I think I would need a live in councilor!  Its also helped to give me daily routine with a time to rise and get moving.  I like to follow meditation with a few yoga poses, a raw vegie juice and breakie.  If that is all I get done in the day I feel I have accomplished something very positive.  Generally I do need to pop back to bed for a little rest.

You don’t have to meditate for a huge amount of time, 5 minutes a day at the same time each day will get the ball rolling.  I find it helps me to do a bit of reading of spiritually inspiring writings before and after I meditate so I tend to sit for 30 minutes from 6.30am before the universe gets too restless.

If you have had some experience with mediation in the past then it probably won’t be difficult for you to pick it up and get back into the swing of a regular time and place each day.  If you’re new to meditation, then it may help you to join a meditation group or ask a friend to teach you.  There are also plenty of CDs, books and information on the web to teach yourself so whichever works better for you.  Below I have some links to some books and CDs that I find useful.  I believe that if you follow your intuition you will find the teaching method and technique that suits you best.

I was lucky enough to find my inspiration for meditation about 13 years ago.  I rocked up to a free mediation workshop at my local community centre.  It had been in the diary for a couple of weeks, but my social planning was a bit off and I was nursing a rough hang over.  Not optimal for meditation! Amazingly though I was drawn back to the same group of people to another one of their workshops many months later and this time started my meditation journey.   My spiritual inspiration comes from Sri Chinmoy a present day enlightened soul who sadly passed from our world in 2007. Below are some links to a pick of favourite books you may like to check out.  The Wings of Joy book and the Flute Music for Mediation CD provide a great meditation starter kit. The Jewels of Happiness is Sri Chinmoys most recent books – I’ve just acquired a copy – it is more of an overarching guide to happiness, it’s a beautiful book with practical exercises throughout.

Who inspires you?  What helps you with meditation?  How have you found meditation?  Love to hear from you.

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  1. Jay says:

    So true I miss taking time to meditate and just breathe many people thing need to spend long time on it but as green girl states little time does alot. I’m difinately going to start again and take 5 … Thanks green girl mel -hugs-

    • Green Girl Mel says:

      Awesome Jay, yes sometimes that little reminder is all I need to get back on track with my wellbeing plans. Let me know how you go with the 5mins a day. I’m just about to do some meditation before bed. Enjoy x

  2. Graham says:

    Hey Mel. Similarly, I’m finding a combination of yoga/breathwork/meditation gets me kick-started each morning. To be honest I’d rather not have to do it and I resist starting each day, but I do feel better afterwards. Another friend of mine with CFS also believes this is key to his recent health improvement. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Cheers, Graham

    • Green Girl Mel says:

      Thanks Graham, great to know someone else is on the same track and feeling the same about it. Yes I think its definitely one thing to find something that works but it seems to be a whole different kettle of fish turning it into some sort of routine and keeping it up. I’ve struggled a bit this last week and your comment has given me new found determination! Thanks heaps.

  3. lindsey/Lynn says:

    I have found the most benefits from books, CD.s, from Deepak Chopra. He also has a web radio show, with meditation tapes, I have found very helpful. With much appreciation, Warmly, Lynn

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