Clearing Emotion on the CFS/ME Journey

What if we could heal ourselves?  Similarly to Louise Hays, Brandon Bays believes that we can evoke healing of our own bodies by clearing emotions held at the cellular level.  Just in case this is possible, I thought I’d better give it a go….

Initially I found out about The Journey through my naturopath who loaned me her copy of Brandon Bays book called ‘The Journey’.  I can’t recall exactly why she loaned it at the time, but I believe that something out there was giving her a nudge for me.

The book is a great read and I totally lapped it up.  Once I’d finished I managed to get hold of The Journey CDs and attempted to walk myself through the process.

Now, just a small step back a bit, the reason I was drawn to The Journey Process was not really because I thought it could provide a solution to my illness, but really because I was feeling pretty desperate on an emotional level.

Yes I was hopeful that it might sort out the CFS/ME but my inner urge was really to find some way to cope with the roller coaster of emotions that were bubbling and spewing forth and threatening to break my will to live.

I must also add here that I have suffered depression several times in my life and having gone on and off antidepressants a couple of times I was really trying to avoid going back on them as I’ve been trying to be as organic as possible.

So I had my first Journey session with a local practitioner and it was pretty full-on!.  Nothing like any of the counselling or processing that I have experienced in the past.  It is kind of like a meditative process in that I encouraged my thinking mind to switch off and my inner intuition to come to the fore and lead me through what needed to be cleared.  I know it sounds pretty hippy and spiritual and it definitely is, but it also really worked for me.

As you’ll know if you’ve read the book, there is a process to follow and anyone can do it, but I found it really helped me to get a trained practitioner to lead me through, and after a few sessions I started to feel confident enough to start doing them myself at home.  Really great for days when I feel stuff getting me down or anxieties rising up.

And now, just recently, I was able to get myself to a Journey Weekend Intensive.  Unbelievable and inspiring.  By day two I really did have more energy, and I had been desperately scared about how I was going to cope with two twelve hour days!  It’s really hard to express how much I got out of the weekend because it’s at such an inner level.  It definitely broadened my mind to the idea that I can actually heal myself and the processes I received while I was there were amazing.  One of them went much deeper than I’d been before.

I’m now trying not to hold my breath wondering what the long term results will be, I’m just trying to continue on with an open and positive outlook.

Now that I’ve done the Journey Weekend Intensive I can access a pool of people living locally who have also attended the Weekend Intensive, and we can swop a Journey process on a regular basis.  I’ve found it is definitely more productive getting someone else to lead me through as I manage to get a bit deeper, where I would have avoided going on my own.

The stories of healing are just amazing.  It’s hard to believe until you’ve heard them from the people involved, but it is totally possible.

For me it has enabled me to kick the black dog of depression and has improved my energy levels.  Watch this space for more updates.

If you want to find out more check out Brandon Bays’ website, it’s totally worth it. Below are books, CDs and cards by Brandon Bays. I’d highly recommend grabbing a copy of The Journey and having a read about it for yourself.

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