Blogs and Sites

These are some of the blogs and sites about CFS/ME/FM that I think are great….

FM/CFS/ME Resources  A hugely resourceful site with loads of articles, links and information.

Fighting Fatigue  A very popular blog with loads of information. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Another popular blog by Journalist Adrienne Dellwo.

Sustainably Creative  Michael Nobbs is an artist, blogger, tea drinker with CFS/ME. Micheal blogs about how to be creative when your energy is low.

Newly Nerfed  38 year old geeky gal living near Los Angeles who was progressively “nerfed” by a series of illnesses including graves’ disease and ME/CFS. She blogs about games, geekiness, chronic illness, disability, health and medicine and scepticism and science.

CFS/ME Recovery Path  Joe lives in Melbourne, Australia, he is a writer, a social entrepreneur and a lover of life. He’s had CFS/ME since 2003 and after 6 years decided to do whatever it takes to get well. He posts about tools, treatments and techniques.

Sarah Wilson  Sarah is an Australian media personality, journalist and blogger. She covers topics on auto-immune diseases and many other interesting topics.

(down-to) Earth Mother  Jo Hegarty is a writer and editor in Redcliffe, north of Brisbane, Australia.  She blogs about being a earth mother.

A Green Lady Blog  Beverly Saltonstall is an environmental writer from the US.

Zen Habits  A blog by Leo Babauta. Its about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives.

Get Well From ME  Giles Meehan has put together a site to bring together some of the best available wisdom and advice to help people manage CFS/ME.

Learning to Live with CFS  Sue Jackson is a freelance writer who has CFS/ME. Her 16 year old and 13 year old sons also have CFS/ME. She blogs about how her family lives, learns and enjoys their lives in spite of their challenges.

The Path Beyond  Aurora is an intuitive Counsellor, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. Her vision is to provide individuals with ongoing motivation and guidance to help them heal themselves physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Fight Like a Girl Club  Stories, encouragement, information, tips, inspiration, support and empowerment for women battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases and those who love them.

It’s Time to Get Over How Fragile You Are  Andrea Martin’s daily blog is colourful and expressive.

How I got Better: Stories of recovery from illness

ME/CFS Helpful Hints for Daily Life A great source of many tips that help for different stages of recovery

Spiritual Journey of Healing is a website by Katherine T. Owen who overcame CFS/ME after 14 years of suffering and being in a wheelchair.  She overcame it using visualization and she shares tips and techniques.

For some other great sites check out this post on 100 Best Sites for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Information