Are you eating for you, or your emotions?

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Do you find that you are doing really great for a while, preparing veggie juices regularly, eating good meals with protein, regular snacks with protein, steering clear of the sugar, alcohol, coffee and minimising wheat, only to endure a low energy day and find yourself in the dumps looking for food to sooth your sorry emotions?

I know I do!  It is still a habit I’m unable to break.

The only thing I can say in my own defense is that I’m a little less hard on myself the next day.  I give myself a little pep talk about getting back on the horse and not to look back.  That seems to work, but still there is a bit of disappointment lingering behind the curtains.

It seems when I reach that energy limit I experience disappointment and along with that comes the emotional eating.  It is all about expectations hey.

I am very lucky because I’m starting to get my life back now and it feels amazing to be back in the world of the living again.  But the old habits of wanting to do and achieve more and more and more are very much alive and kicking as well.

As Mairi said today in her response on Facebook – it is all about Gratitude and the minute I switch to expectations I’m trying to stretch myself out to some destination which I may or may not be able to achieve.  With gratitude I can sit gratefully where I am, nowhere to go, nowhere to be.  I’m here, I’ve arrived.  What an awesome place to be. LOL! 🙂

I’m not sure I have the ability to beat the emotional eating urge when it envelopes me, but I think I have a chance at avoiding the disappointment by reminding myself to take stock of the now and feel gratitude.  So I’ll give that a burl!

Do you struggle with emotional eating?  Have you had any successes in reining it in?



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  1. We’re all human. Self acceptance is such an important part of beating the emotional eating cycle. My sugar intolerance includes fructose but every now and again I eat a raw food snack bar which is about 40% dates. It gives me such ans energy boost and feels great until the gut symptoms kick in and I start to feel guilty for how I could be setting off a chain of events that I’ve struggled so hard to get on top of with my diet. But if I beat my self up about it I feel more miserable and am more likely to let my diet slip further. When I accept my own humanity, that sometimes the need for comfort wins out over the need to follow a strict diet, when I allow myself to be a fallible human, I can usually move on and get back onto the healthy eating train.
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  2. Ryan says:

    Sugar cravings seem to go hand in hand with CFS, I have begun to ask why? I used to think it was because sugar is an extremely quick form of energy to supply to the body, and your body is craving that energy all the time. It was when my energy levels returned to their full capacity, yet I still craved the sugar more than anything, I asked my doctor and he told me about candida. Many CFS sufferers have an over growth of candida, I know I certainly did, I could literally feel it all over my skin. When I used to eat something naughty like chocolate or pizza, something in my brain used to go off, it was like a drug. Then, after one piece of choc became 20, followed by my other favourite goodies- ice cream, flavoured milk etc, I then got an incredibly dark, heavy feeling, that deep fatigue. I felt the candida spread all over my body, and up to my brain. I then learned what kills of candida, and started including them into my diet. Powdered garlic, colostrum, L glutamine, all were effective supplements, along side a low carb, low sugar diet, I then noticed the candida starve off and die. Ever since I have been feeling great, and my sugar cravings have diminished greatly. When I do have a piece of cake now, I want another one straight away, and another, and another! I know that that is the candida spreading, telling my mind to demand more sugar.
    Here’s an interesting one- the morning after a big binge, I have a few table spoons of raw powdered garlic, a couple of minutes later, I throw up. That is the candida going haywire and trying to fight of the garlic!
    I really think it may be the candida that is craving the sugar, not you! 🙂

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